What To Bring Tips on what to bring and wear

Trophy Whitetail Hunts

When heading to Apple Creek Whitetails you will need to plan ahead on proper apparel for hunting.

  • In September you would need a lighter weight camo pattern as highs are usually around 70 and lows around 40.
  • In October you should look at getting a little warmer camo with warm boots as lows can dip down around 30 and highs in the 50's.
  • November will usually have highs around the 40's and lows in the teens. Warm boots, hat, and camo are advised to stay comfortable in the stand.
  • December and January can have highs in the 30's and lows around 0. We have heaters in all of the enclosed blinds to help you stay warm. If you are rifle hunting, you can wear camo or dark clothing as we will be in an enclosed dark stand. For bow hunters it would be recommended to wear camo boots, pants, jackets, and hats.

You can bring what ever weapon you choose for your hunt whether it would be a bow, crossbow, rifle, shotgun, pistol or muzzleloader. For rifle we recommend using a 243 caliber rifle or larger. By having your weapon sighted in before you get here will save you time during your stay. We will just have you fire a shot or two at our range to make sure your weapon is o.k. from traveling.

A good pair of binoculars and some rain gear can also come in handy during your hunt.

We will supply all of your meals, snacks, and drinks other than alcohol. You will have to supply your own alcohol in which one of our guides can bring you to a local liquor shop to fulfill your needs.

If you are looking to take your trophy home with you, plan on bringing the appropriate size cooler to fit the meat, antlers and cape into.

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