Harvest Rates

  • No license is required
  • No hidden costs
  • No trophy fees
Up to 160" Mature Whitetail Buck $4,000
161" - 180" Mature Whitetail Buck $6,000
181" - 190" Mature Whitetail Buck $8,000
191" - 205" Mature Whitetail Buck $9,000
206" - 250" Mature Whitetail Buck $10,000
251" - 265" Mature Whitetail Buck $12,500
266" - 300" Mature Whitetail Buck $15,000
301" - 330" Mature Whitetail Buck $17,500


It is the intention of Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch to provide the hunter, our guest, a reasonable opportunity to harvest whitetail bucks of the caliber advertised. In the event that opportunity does not present itself, you will be refunded the full booking fee. In the event a shot is attempted and/or a deer is wounded, the obligation of Apple Creek Whitetails is met. Every reasonable attempt will be made to recover a wounded deer.

Your guide will confer and coordinate with you to determine deer to be harvested prior to taking a shot. You must receive approval from the guide before any shot is taken. Presentation of a whitetail buck in your class, approved by your guide for harvest will fulfill the obligations of Apple Creek Whitetails Ranch - there will be no booking fee refund.

Safety is the utmost important factor for any of our hunts. Alcohol consumption of any kind will end hunting for that day. Be sure to follow our instructions and rules provided by our guides for an unforgettable hunting and harvesting experience to be remembered forever.

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